We believe in business shaping a better tomorrow, today.

Our Mission

We believe that business - your business - has the potential to change the world. That what you do is about much more than taking a paycheck. It's about leaving a legacy that lives on through generations. Our mission is to help you fulfill yours, and leave the kind of legacy that lives on beyond your lifetime. 

The people at Aion Technologies are more than IT Professionals. They’re more than business strategists. They’re visionaries, and their vision is to help my vision succeed.
— Betsy Erickson, Essence Photography

Our Philosophy

Our business is built on these core values that shape everything we do, from setting up networks to making long-term goals and everything in between.



We believe in relationship. 

We believe that all business works best in relationship; that together we can accomplish more than we ever could have alone. We believe in the power of partnership - that by doing what we do best, we can empower you to do what you do best. And when that happens, everybody wins. 


We believe in excellence. 

We believe that technology should work for you, rather than you working for it. We are committed to providing state of the art, affordable solutions for your business that allow you to adapt to and thrive in the ever-changing technology world of the twenty-first century.


We believe in business. 

We believe that business shapes culture; that culture shapes society; and that by helping your business succeed, we are making the world a better place. We believe in empowering business owners, executives, managers and employees to worry less and accomplish more, thus making the workplace and the home a better place to live.