Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your place of business were to experience a theft, office fire, or serious hardware failure, do you know if your data would be safe? Many businesses and business owners can't say that they do. In fact, most people don't consider having a backup and disaster recovery plan until after disaster strikes - at which point it may already be too late. 

The good news is that all of this can be avoided by having proper backup plans in place, which is where we come in. When we begin putting a data retention plan in place, we start by sitting down with the owner or manager of your business to discuss your specific needs. We then put together a plan that fits your organization and budget. We take a number of factors into account, such as number of workstations, volume of data, length of retention history, price point, etc. and use this information to set you up with just the right backup plan for your business.

Finally, once this system is deployed, we offer backup monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your data stays safe and secure. We do this so that you can be confident that your important data is protected, no matter what unexpected occurrences the future may hold.

To contact us and schedule a free assessment for your business or organization, please follow the link below. One of our office staff would be happy to speak with you and schedule a time for our free backup assessment.

* Note: If you require emergency or after hours support, please call 1-530-238-5098 to speak with us directly to resolve your issue as soon as possible.