Legal Industry IT Support

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24/7 Priority Support

We understand the demands of fast-paced legal professionals. If you are in the middle of an important case and your network infrastructure goes down, you don’t have time to waste dealing with the headaches of IT or looking for a firm that can offer support after-hours. We offer 24/7 priority support so that when you need help, help is there, anytime day or night. When you burn the midnight oil, we do too, to ensure that your IT is the least of your concerns.

Industry-Specific Application Support

We have a wide breadth of experience with a variety of legal industry applications, including Abacus, Essential Forms, Dragon Dictation, and many more. While many IT providers offer support for “generic” systems, we have intimate knowledge of many of the most widely used software platforms in the legal industry. Unlike other firms, we don’t charge you to “learn” your systems because in most cases, we already know them. If you are looking to pay for experience, with us, that is what you get.

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Data Retention and security

What would happen if you were to lose the last 20 years of client and case information? Data security is becoming increasingly more important in our day and age of technology. Threats such as natural disasters, crypto lock viruses, unexpected data loss, malicious intrusions and “data hostage” schemes are some of the most costly occurrences for many firms. With our extensive experience, we have easily deployable systems to prevent and mitigate the risks of all of the above.

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