IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations

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Budget Friendly solutions

We know that many non profit organizations often operate on tight budgets, and we are able to help you find quality solutions to your IT needs at a fraction of the price of other Redding IT firms. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality; all of our “budget” solutions meet or exceed industry standards for IT best practices.

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Partnering With Your Passion

As an organization, we are proud to partner with non-profit organizations to provide quality tech support, including churches, advocacy groups, help centers, and more. When your goal is to help people, we are passionate to help you achieve it. Anytime we work with non-profits, it is an opportunity to fulfill our mission: helping people help people.

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Local service and Support

Our office is located in Redding, CA, but we often partner with non-profits in the greater Shasta County region and beyond. We love our community and want to help ensure that your IT needs are met so that you can fulfill your work of making our community a better place.

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